Himachal Pradesh GK Geography General Knowledge Questions-97

1301. Mango, Lemon, Amla and Pomegranate require the climate of which type?

1302. “Kufri Chipsona” is improved variety of –

1303. Till 2000, how many telephone exchange were there in Himachal Pradesh?

1304. In which year Matri Shakti Insurance Yojna was implemented in Himachal Pradesh?

1305. Kandi Project launched in the year 1990, had covered the districts-

  • a) Sirmour, Solan, Una, Kangra and Chamba
  • b) Mandi, Hamirpur, Bilaspur and Kangra
  • c) Shimla, Solan, Lahaul, Kinnaur and Chamba
  • d) Bilaspur, Shimla, Kullu and Una

1306. Kandi project launched for the rural development with the financial assistance of-

1307. Which of the following is not the objective of Kandi Project?

  • a) To increase the productivity of soil
  • b) Use of cheaper technique to stop the soil erosion
  • c) Fuel, fodder and wood required for building material
  • d) Embankment of river and Khudds

1308. Allen- Duhangan Project is being run by-

1309. Himgold is a hiyielding variety of:

1310. In Which district in the year 2001 Samanvit Gramin Vaneekaran Samridhi Yojna was introduced?

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