Himachal Pradesh GK Geography General Knowledge Questions-98

1311. “Saurabh Van Vihar” is located at:

1312. In 1998 Central Environment and forest ministry awarded the Mahabriksh Puruskar to :

1313. Singhara, Mahasheer Rohu, Kantla and Miror corp are the variety of:

1314. In 1995, Himachal government introduced Indira Vikas Yojna in three development blocks. Which of the following is not one of them:

1315. Beas-Satluj hydel power project has its headquarters at:

1316. “Girija” is a high yielding variety of:

1317. In which year integrated community co-operative development project was introduced in Kullu district?

1318. The total outlay of 10th five year plan (2002-07) for Himachal Pradesh was:

1319. Which sector was given top priority under the 10th five year plan?

  • a) Roads and transport
  • b) Social Service
  • c) Education and Information Technology
  • d) Agriculture and Animal Husbandry

1320. Satluj watershed project was implemented with the help of:

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