Himachal Pradesh GK Geography General Knowledge Questions-99

1321. In which year Shah Nahar project was executed ?

1322. “Arkal” and “BL-7” are the two highyielding variety of:

1323. Chhaba Hydel Power Project to ensure power supply to Shimla town was implemented in the year-

1324. The first power project in Chamba are called Bhuri Singh Power House to supply power to Chamba town was executed in the year:

  • a) 1869 A.D
  • b) 1890 A.D
  • c) 1908 A.D
  • d) 1936 A.D

1325. Shanan Power House located in Jogindernagar was implemented in the year-

  • a) 1915 A.D
  • b) 1925 A.D
  • c)  1930 A.D
  • d) 1920 A.D

1326. Which was the first project launched by NTPC in Himachal Pradesh?

  • a) Sanan Power Project
  • b) Kol Dam Project
  • c) Rampur Hydel Power Project
  • d) Parvati Hydel Power Project

1327. In Which year Dr. Jackson Pushp planted the tea plants in the areas of Kangra Valley- Palampur, Nagrota Bhagwan, and Bhavarna  ?

  • a) AD 1832
  • b) AD 1841
  • c) AD 1849
  • d) AD 1864

1328. In which year and where the first co-operative society was set-up in Himachal?

  • a) 1892- Punjawar District Una
  • b) 1904- Toun Bharari- District Hamirpur
  • c) 1865- Dangar District Bilapur
  • d) 1935- Kumharsain district Shimla

1329. Who is credited to form the first co-operative society in Himachal Pradesh?

  • a) Jagat Ram Sharma
  • b) Satya Prakash
  • c) Pratap Singh
  • d) Thakur Hira Singh

1330. Which of the following industrial center is not located in district Solan?

  • a) Parwanoo
  • b) Barotiwala
  • c) Baddi
  • d) Haroli

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