Himachal Pradesh GK Geography General Knowledge Questions-100

1331. To explore the potentiality of industrial development in which year district industrial center was set up in Solan?

1332. In which year Semen Collection center  Bhangrotu was opened ?

1333. At which place of the following, there is no semen collection center?

1334. Which of the following is not a variety of pea grown in Himachal Pradesh?

1335. Which is the first hydel project of Kangra district, undertaken by private sector?

1336. What is the position of Himachal amongst  the states in the hydel power generation?(2010)

1337. In the year 2005 the first ever buffalo semen laboratory was in Himachal Pradesh at:

  • a) Attuwala- Nalagarh
  • b) Karohta- Bhoranj Tehsil
  • c) Baknaghat-Arki subdivision
  • d) Jhandutta- Ghumarwin division

1338. In which year former Chief Minister Shanta Kumar introduced ” Van Lagao, Raozi Kamao” Yojna?

1339. At which place of the following the government of Himachal Pradesh has not established Herbal Garden?

1340. The main reason behind lesser demand of Himachali Apple in the International market is:

  • a) Poor quality apple
  • b) Too much use of pesticides
  • c) Poor and slow supply of apple in the market
  • d) Stick export rules of Indian Government

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