Himachal Pradesh GK Geography General Knowledge Questions-101

1341. In 1949, Central Agriculture Research Center was established in Katrain (district Kullu), which of the following is not a function of this center?

  • a) To Maintain the qualify of vegetables produced in the cold region.
  • b) Arrangement of vegetable exports
  • c) Production of high quality seed and their distribution
  • d) Improvement in seed development techniques

1342. Which of the following is not a high yielding tomato variety found in district Solan?

1343. Till 2005, there was no animal breeding farm in Himachal Pradesh?

1344. Diyoli farm setup in 1963 for fish breeding is located on the bank of Khad-

1345. Which of the following is not a variety of Paddy grown in Himachal Pradesh?

1346. Which of the following district, there is no or very little  production of Apple?

1347. Tractor manufacturing company Sonalika has its manufacturing unit at:

1348. In which year Dairy Development project was implemented in district Kangra?

1349. The best quality brandy in district Kinnaur is made in the village-

1350. Himachal Pradesh State silk farm is located at:

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