Himachal Pradesh GK Geography General Knowledge Questions-102

1351. “Karan Rai” is a famous variety of :

  • a) Tulsi
  • b) Mustard
  • c) Linseed
  • d) Rajmah

1352. The first Pesticide unit of Himachal Pradesh was set up in the year 2006 at:

1353. Himachal based Satluj Hydel Power cooperation has taken up three power projects in Uttarakhand, which one is not among the three?

  • a) Devsari
  • b) Netbar Mauri
  • c) Jakhol Shankari
  • d) Tihri Project

1354. In which year state government launched Tribal Sub-plan for the development of the tribal area of the state?

1355. In which year Himachal Government took over the control of Bhagsunag temple?

1356. Kufri Himsona is a famous:

  • a) Yak breed
  • b) Potato variety
  • c) Deodar tree
  • d) Hill bee

1357. Who inaugurated the sight for the steel processing plant in district Kangra at a place Kandrodi in the year 2009?

  • a) Prem Kumar Dhumal
  • b) Ram Vilas Paswan
  • c) Sonia Gandhi
  • d) Vir Bhaddar Singh

1358. As per the census report of 2008, the highest percentage (out of the total population) of farmers are in the district?

1359. Himachal Pradesh Pollution Control Board imposed a fine of Rs. 50000/- in the year 1997 on:

  • a) Stone quarries of Kangra
  • b) Stone quarries of Sirmour
  • c) On the Jallandhar based publisher for defacing the hills and riverside boulders

1360. Malana Power Project is a joint venture between Himachal Pradesh Government and –

  • a) Rajasthan spinning and weaving mills
  • b) Punjab Government
  • c) J.P Industries
  • d) None of above

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