Himachal Pradesh GK Geography General Knowledge Questions-103

1361. The Shah Nahar Project costing Rs. 150/- Crore is a joint Project between:

  • a) Himachal and Haryana Government
  • b) Himachal Government and J.P Industries
  • c) Punjab and Himachal Government
  • d) Himachal Government Project

1362. The main tunnel of Nathpa Jhakri project is from-

  • a) Ratanpur to Mangalpur
  • b) Mangalpur to Jaunpur
  • c) Sonepur to Ratanpur
  • d) Jhakri to Rampur

1363. Uhal-lll hydel power project launched in Mandi district by:

  • a) J.P Industries
  • b) Ballapur Industries
  • c) Oswal Industries
  • d) It is a Himachal Government Project

1364. The 10th finance commission recommended for Himachal-

  • a) Special Status
  • b) Abolish the special status
  • c) Declared a state of ordinary status
  • d) No recommendation were made

1365. The commercial production of flowers started in Himachal Pradesh inthe year-

1366. The leading district of Himachal in the production of off season vegetables is:

1367. Cauliflower seed farm, setup by National Seed Corporation is at:

  • a) Darlaghat
  • b) Chambaghat
  • c) Bharari
  • d) Bhangrotu

1368. Developed by Palampur Agriculture University “Palam Priya” and “Palam Samridhi” are the two variety of-

1369. “Katha” is extracted from-

1370. The first survey of birds in the Pong reservoir was conducted in the year –

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