Himachal Pradesh Geography General Knowledge Questions-104

1381. Which of the following is not a affect on the Assocayta blite disease on pea crop?

  • a) Roots get brown
  • b) Brown patches on leaves and stem
  • c) Plants get dry and lifeless
  • d) only stem gets spoiled

1382. Which of the following valley of Lahaul Spiti district is known “Grannary of the area”?

1383. The local Liquor “Chhang and Ghanti” are made of:

1384. At which of the following places there is no herbal garden in Himachal ?

1385. Which is the second highest bridge of Asia?

1386. In which year HRTC started its own courier service?

1387. In 1972 at the time of its creation, what was the motorable road length in district Solan?

1388. In which year Gaggal airport was renamed as Kangra airport:

1389. In which year Indian Oil Corporation installed an electronic clock at Ridge in Shimla?

1390. In which year STD Facility was provided to Rohru and Dodra Kwar areas of Shimla district?

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