Himachal Pradesh GK Geography General Knowledge Questions-105

1391. In which year Chamba, state was brought into direct relation with the Imperial Postal System(A.D)?

1392. Chamba city was provided with electricity in the year:

1393. Which of the following national highways passes through Kinnaur district?

1394. In which year the first post office branch was opened at Keylong?

1395. Who constructed a mule road from Baijnath to Sultanpur, Kullu to Babbu Pass?

1396. In which year “Victoria Bridge” was constructed by Bijai Sen of Mandi on river Beas?

1397. Where is the Fitzpatric Suspention Bridge located?

1398. In which year a bridge over Satluj at Jiuri was completed ?

1399. Which of the following National highways passes, through Mandi district?

1400. In which year construction of “Hindostan Tibet Road”started from Kalka?

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