Himachal Pradesh GK Geography General Knowledge Questions-105

1391. In which year Chamba, state was brought into direct relation with the Imperial Postal System(A.D)?

1392. Chamba city was provided with electricity in the year:

1393. Which of the following national highways passes through Kinnaur district?

1394. In which year the first post office branch was opened at Keylong?

1395. Who constructed a mule road from Baijnath to Sultanpur, Kullu to Babbu Pass?

  • a) Purohit Shivshankar
  • b) Bijai Sen
  • c) Zalim Sen
  • d) Garur Sen

1396. In which year “Victoria Bridge” was constructed by Bijai Sen of Mandi on river Beas?

1397. Where is the Fitzpatric Suspention Bridge located?

1398. In which year a bridge over Satluj at Jiuri was completed ?

1399. Which of the following National highways passes, through Mandi district?

1400. In which year construction of “Hindostan Tibet Road”started from Kalka?

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