Himachal Pradesh GK Geography General Knowledge Questions-106

1401. A 560 feet long tunnel was constructed beyond Sanjauli, on Hindustan Tibet road in ?

1402. Kalka- Shimla railway was opened for the traffic in 1891 A.D. How many tunnels are there on this line?

1403. Which of the following is longest tunnel on Kalka- Shimla line?

1404. In which year a tunnel was constructed under the Ridge (from Blessington tennis court to Lower Bazar) ?

1405. Which of the following national highways passes through Solan district?

1406. What was the total length of roads in Himachal Pradesh iin 1994?

1407. What was the total length of National Highways in Himachal Pradesh in 1994 ( In Kms.)?

1408. At which of the following places there is no airport in Himachal Pradesh?

1409. What was the total length of rail track in Himachal Pradesh in 1994?

1410. Which is the biggest Air Port in Himachal Pradesh?

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