Himachal Pradesh GK Geography General Knowledge Questions-106

1401. A 560 feet long tunnel was constructed beyond Sanjauli, on Hindustan Tibet road in ?

1402. Kalka- Shimla railway was opened for the traffic in 1891 A.D. How many tunnels are there on this line?

1403. Which of the following is longest tunnel on Kalka- Shimla line?

  • a) Summer hill
  • b) Barog
  • c) Dhami
  • d) Taradevi

1404. In which year a tunnel was constructed under the Ridge (from Blessington tennis court to Lower Bazar) ?

1405. Which of the following national highways passes through Solan district?

1406. What was the total length of roads in Himachal Pradesh iin 1994?

  • a) 15,701
  • b) 19,713
  • c) 22,780
  • d) 21,585

1407. What was the total length of National Highways in Himachal Pradesh in 1994 ( In Kms.)?

1408. At which of the following places there is no airport in Himachal Pradesh?

1409. What was the total length of rail track in Himachal Pradesh in 1994?

  • a) 309 Kms
  • b) 223 Kms
  • c) 209 Kms
  • d) 246 Kms

1410. Which is the biggest Air Port in Himachal Pradesh?

  • a) Gaggal
  • b) Jabbal Hatti
  • c) Rangreek
  • d) Bhunter

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