Himachal Pradesh Geography General Knowledge Questions-69

961. Shashur monastry is in Lahaul. The word “Shashur” means:

962. The local deity of Malana village in Kullu is Jamlu Devta, and is personified as:

963. Devta Dom is considered to be the adopted son of the devi Hatkoti. Where is the temple of Dom Devta located?

964. The temple of Bagulamukhi is also located at:

965. The worst ever tragedy occured at a temple complex in Himachal Pradesh in August, 2008 in which 142 people died. Even before this, in 1983 at the same place a tragedy took place and 55 people were killed. The name of the temple complex is:

966. In the trans-Giri area the custom “reet katai” is associated with:

  • a) to sacrifice the eldest son in maternal uncle’s house
  • b) to arrange a common wife for all brothers
  • c) Propiating God’s at the time of harvesting
  • d) social function at the time of first birthday to the bride

967. “Bakarmala” festival is famous of district –

968. “Basa Khayad Nalwar” mela is organized at:

  • a) Banjar sub division Kullu
  • b) Barsar sub division Hamirpur
  • c) Dehra sub division Kangra
  • d) Gohar sub division Mandi

969. Malla Singh Katoch was a famous :

970. Mian Kashmir Singh of Mandi was a famous:

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